Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Article 1: Offer
The purpose of AUBER.PRO is to transport people for a fee, for this purpose it makes available to users, via its website http://WWW.AUBER.PRO ,a software for booking vehicles with drivers for individuals and professionals.
Article 2: Reservation
All reservations must be made by the Client or by a duly authorized representative. For any reservation, the customer must provide the following information:

Customer information:
Name, first name, phone number, email, and home address.

Trip information:
Date and time of pick-up, place of departure and arrival, number of passengers, need for booster seat, number of bags, as well as flight or train number if applicable.

Article 3: Cancellation and Amendment
The client may request the cancellation of the service up to 48 hours before the date and time of pick-up and obtain a refund of the sums paid.

Concerning the cancellation or modification of the service less than 24 hours before the date and time of pick-up, a fixed and flat-rate penalty of €15 for the ECO range and €25 for the BERLINE & VAN ranges will be due. In case of refusal of the customer to pay the amount due to the cancellation or modification, Auber has the right to cancel and deduct the amount directly in case of payment by card or paypal and refund the balance, and if the payment chosen at the time of booking is the payment on board, recovery proceedings will be initiated.

Concerning the cancellation or modification of the service less than 2 hours before the date and time of pick-up, the minimum amount of a trip will be due, as a fixed and flat-rate penalty, i.e. an amount of 29€ for the ECO range and 49€ for the VAN & BERLINE range.

The service provider may cancel the customer’s transport in case of force majeure, in which case the customer will be entitled to compensation. He may also cancel the transport if the customer does not arrive at the agreed place after a period of 15 minutes. In the latter case, the customer will be invoiced for his default.

Any modification of the trip by the client during the service and resulting in program changes may result in surcharges to be paid on site or at the end of the service.

Article 4: Provision
Any service of provision must be booked in writing. It must be carried out by the client or by a duly authorised agent. Any reservation must mention the place of performance of the service, the number of passengers and the name and contact details of the beneficiary of the service if it is different from those of the customer.

Any cancellation of availability must be notified 48 hours before the start of the service. Failing this, and for whatever reason, it will be due, as a fixed and lump sum penalty, non-deductible equal to the amount initially provided for at the time of booking.

The service is valid only once, and if it turns out that the customer was not present at the meeting place, the service would be definitively lost and would not give any right to reimbursement. Any waiting, beyond a one-hour deductible, will be invoiced on the hourly basis mentioned in our rates for the category of the reserved vehicle.

Article 5: Rates
The rates communicated by our booking module are given as an indication and may vary according to the period or time desired, to obtain confirmation of the rates the customer will have to request a quote online via the contact form CONTACT US.

The transfer rate applies to direct non-stop travel from the pick-up point to the arrival point, with service ending immediately thereafter. The amount of luggage carried is proportional to the capacity of the vehicle.

The prices indicated include the vehicle, the driver service, insurance for the persons transported, fuel, kilometres and time determined at the time of booking and/or conclusion of the contract as well as the transport of the customer’s luggage within the limits of the vehicle’s capacity. The cost of tolls, parking, parking spaces or entry to any place chosen by the customer and/or made essential for the performance of the service not initially provided for in the journey shall be borne by the customer.
The price given corresponds to a price per vehicle, regardless of the number of people (from 1 to 4 people for the BERLINE range for example)

Please note that all the photos communicated on our documents and website are for illustrative purposes only and are not contractual.

Article 6: Regulations
For occasional customers, our services are payable at the time of booking (online payment via Stripe) or on board the vehicle by credit card (payment by TPE via SumUp) or by cash.

For account customers, invoices are payable upon receipt by bank transfer.

Any invoice not paid within 5 days following the date of invoicing of the service automatically entails the application of penalties of 40€ and an amount equal to 3 times the legal interest rate.

In all cases, the customer, who is the signatory of the reservation, is solely responsible for the payment of the service

Article 7: Limitation of Liability Clauses
AUBER.PRO undertakes to take the necessary measures to bring the passenger to his destination as soon as possible and in optimal safety conditions in accordance with the Highway Code and the laws in force.

AUBER.PRO cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for delays in transport delays due to circumstances beyond its control: blocked road, bridge closed to traffic, detour, flooded road, traffic jams, interventions on roadways by police, customs or fire brigades, etc… (this list is not exhaustive).

AUBER.PRO cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for delays due to cases of force majeure: strikes, weather conditions, attacks, riots, etc… (this list is not exhaustive).

AUBER.PRO cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for delays directly resulting from an initial delay by a customer, or for the need to make a trip, at the customer’s request, within a period that is clearly too short.

In the event of immobilization of the vehicle during the journey due to mechanical failure, accident or damage (theft, damage), AUBER.PRO will endeavour to ensure the continuity of the journey, either with one of these vehicles, or with a vehicle chartered to another company and undertakes to notify the principal. The luggage or any other object owned by the customer remains the responsibility of the person transported.

The driver is obliged to comply with the various regulations applicable to vehicle traffic and, when performing the service, to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of the vehicle’s occupants and its proper preservation.

Thus, the driver expressly reserves the right to refuse any instructions and/or requests from the customer that he considered likely to compromise the safety of the vehicle’s occupants and/or its proper preservation.
The number of authorised passengers (including the driver) is the number indicated in the technical characteristics of the Vehicle. It can never be exceeded.

Damage of any kind caused to the vehicle and/or other vehicles (for example, when the doors are opened unintentionally) will be borne by the customer unless it can be demonstrated that it is caused by a third party. The occupants of the vehicle, the customer’s employees, service providers and guests cannot be considered as third parties.

AUBER.PRO reserves the right to interrupt the service in progress if the driver notices that the customer is committing an offence, for example the use of narcotics, or if the customers’ behaviour jeopardizes the driver’s safety, or if the customers were insulting towards the driver.

The transport of animals is prohibited except in the case of animals (dogs) accompanying visually impaired people.

In the event that AUBER.PRO is unable to provide the vehicle provided for in the contract, the deposit will be refunded, unless both parties agree to provide another vehicle.

AUBER.PRO reserves the right not to perform the service in the event of a case of force majeure, a fortuitous event, a third party or any event that may present a risk for the customer, his guests, his employees, the driver or the vehicle. In this context, the total or partial non-performance of the service may not give rise to any compensation to the client.

AUBER.PRO is under no obligation to keep luggage, or any other objects, property, clothing, effects, etc. left in the vehicle during and at the end of the service.

Please note that all the photos communicated on our documents and website are for illustrative purposes only and are not contractual.

Article 8: Insurance

AUBER.PRO’s liability is limited to the clauses of its insurance contracts.

Our vehicles are insured for the transport of persons and our passengers for all bodily injuries and also for professional civil liability with our insurer ALLIANZ.

The principal shall have the right to take out additional insurance at his own expense for cancellation costs, repatriation costs or coverage of transported baggage, without this list being exhaustive.

Article 9: Police and security rules
The vehicle and the driver will be provided with the on-board documents necessary for the smooth running of the transport service.
In accordance with the law in force in all public places, it is strictly forbidden to smoke on board our vehicles.

In accordance with the provisions of the Beverage Premises Code, it is prohibited to consume alcoholic beverages on board our vehicles.

Seat belts are mandatory for all passengers in vehicles equipped with this equipment.

Article 10: Collection of personal data
AUBER.PRO is committed to respecting the privacy of its customers.

The personal information and other data provided will not be used for any purpose other than to improve the service provided and will under no circumstances be transmitted to third parties.



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